8.26.15 - Another update! A gif of the game we're working on. Working title is The Day the Earth Got Screwed, and here's a brief preview of us working out how you will peek into buildings and see when you're inside them. Oh, and there will not be zombies. We have something much better planned!

8.25.15 - I still exist!!! However, things have ground to a halt in the game development dapartment. Life, full-time job, and an abundance of work doing book covers has pushed out the work I've been doing at P0.

In the coming months (3-4 maybe) I shall be returning to develop more RPG accessories, and most exciting, is the development of a video game based on the Zombie Survival demo I made a while back. This isn't definite, and depends on how the programmer I've been working with can get stuff working. Here's something we've been woking on.

Anyway, he's excited to make the game, and so am I. In the meantime check back here on ocassion for an update.

9.22.13 - A couple of HTML5 tests. Bunny Crusher and a test for an adventure game. Just experimenting with converting fla files into HTML5. Would love to partner with someone who knew HTML5. Hmmm...

9.22.13 - Here's a preview of the next tile making software I'm working on, City Builder.

This is a very early preview at this point. I want to include many more options with the tiles instead of the objects this time. I'm hoping to create an extremely versatile program that allows you to create almost any kind of city. From multiple structure types to varying landscaping that allow the user to create anything from a small house in the forest to a large rambling city. However, this one won't be free (sorry!), so I'll be setting up pages that will contain paid content like this. Here's a very rough building layout:

9.19.13 - Here's a sample dungeon I put together using the Tile Maker 2.0.

9.17.13 - I'm back! Well sort of. I probably won't have much time to work on new products, but I'll squeeze them in when I get a chance. Until the next release comes along enjoy the updated Tile Maker 2.0 in the Analog Games section. Updated interface, graphics, and items make it so you never need to buy another set of Dungeon Tiles again.

5.16.11 - Getting closer to the goal for Adventure Stories! Here's another preview.

5.1.11 - Here are some test images of spaceships I've been working on.

4.18.11 - Here's a couple of screenshots from the 2nd chapter of Adventure Stories:

4.10.11 - The first Chapter of Adventure Stories is complete. Go to Digital Games to try it out.

3.24.11 - Project Zero Games website online! Look for updated content in the next few weeks. Including an exciting announcement about the Zombie Survival video game.

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